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Flüchtlingshilfe Löningen

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In English

In English

An interactive city map of Löningen can be found >> HERE <<

The 14.000 inhabitants of Löningen which consists of five rural districts (the so-called “Viertel”) and the city centre (die Wiek) are especially proud of the gastronomic variety provided in their hometown.

Löningen is just a small town but with a high standard of hospitality which characterizes the state-approved recreation area in the heart of the Hase valley. Endless cycle paths along the river Hase and rich farmland attract thousands of bicycle tourists every year. They appreciate the various spare time facilities like riding out on horse-back, swimming in the large wave pool or canoeing on the Hase river, activities which are very popular with the tourists. During your stay you shouldn’t miss visiting the Schutenmühle in the nearby village of Huckelrieden. This windmill is over 250 years old. Opposite this sight there is the newly-built “Heimalthaus”(museum of local history) with a comfortable café and changing exhibitions inside.

One of the most remarkable architectural sights is the classical St. Vitus Church with its 54 metres high belfry next to it. This church in the centre of Löningen is said to be the
largest pillarless church in Germany.