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Refugees and driving

The basics:

All the refugees staying here now come from so-called third countries (“Drittstaaten”). This means the y are allowed to use the driver’s licence from the country they come from to drive here but only for the first six months after their entry into Germany. If they drive longer than this, they commit an offence. To get a driving licence valid for the time after the six months, the refugees have to pass a theoretical and a practical driving test to get acquainted with the German road traffic regulations. Taking extra driving lessons is not a must but absolutely necessary and advisable for one’s own security and safety to get possibly used to a different type of car and to the different traffic situation in Germany. To cut costs there might be a chance to practise driving in a special driver training area. The theoretical part of the driving test is taken in English or French but this is not possible in Arabic and Eritrean. For the costs (including licence fees, training materials, first aid course, interpreter, etc.) drivers should calculate with well beyond € 1000.- .

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